Hello. You're on this page cause something about this site interests you, and you want to learn a little bit about the person who runs it. That person is me. JD. Hi! I don't really know what you're looking for so what follows will sort of a random dump of bits of information about me.

If a random and unordered list of points about me does not satisfy your curiosity, please feel free to shoot me a message on twitter or send me an email.

If you think I can help you build something neat, then take a look at my resume and contact me.

About goodrobot.net

This is just a playground. It is a collection of random bits of web, images, noise, and paper that has been rolled into a small corner of the Internet.

This site was created by a fabric file collecting random python packages that somehow convert text into html. You can see the details at http://github.com/jdcantrell/goodrobot.net.